PROGRAM: Recruitment Of Gamers, Rascals And Makers in Makerspaces

1 October 2019 - 31 August 2022

Motivating young people who are no longer motivated for school to learn and experiment.
Makerspaces have a significant impact on the learning of students, the development of entrepreneurial skills and the personal development.

The number of Fablabs and MakerSpaces in Europe has increased greatly in the last decade. And that is a good thing because Makerspaces work towards democratizing access to technology and often have the aim to also actively support the future of young people.

A true makerspace offers student-driven opportunity for open-ended exploration for everyone. A great makerspace is personalized, deep (allowing deeper learning), empowering, equitable, differentiated, intentional and inspiring.

Friesland College and the other partners in the PROGRAM project are convinced that MakerSpaces are in the unique position of offering training and education to these youngsters and motivate them not to become a NEET. MakerSpaces can also enhance entrepreneurial skills among this NEET target group.

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