Giggin' Policy

15 January 2020 – 31 December 2023

In this 3-year project, Friesland College will work together with regional partners the  Municipality of Leeuwarden, ROC Friese Poort and Learning Hub Fryslân and local financial and knowledge institutions in Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Finland.

The subject is the ‘GIG economy’, an economy in which freelance work and zero-hour contracts are very common. The new generation will increasingly have to deal with self-employed and freelance positions instead of permanent employment. A VET student, graduated as a technician, graphic designer, ICT worker, construction worker, etc., must be able to network, communicate and proactively pursue odd jobs. Knowledge institutions have to make sure that they teach these skills to their students to prepare them for the changing labour market.

With this project, we want to raise awareness about the gig economy and bring young people into contact with policymakers and advisers. We will create opportunities for young people to get involved and contribute to new policy for these new developments. The aim is to set up a structure in which young people are much more likely to express their views to policymakers.

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