EU4ALL (Erasmus+ Jean Monnet)

Europe is closer than you think. Our students travel and do internships abroad, often with Erasmus+ funding. Many European topics have an impact on our society and our daily lives. Just think of the current nitrogen discussion or the energy crisis approach.

What are the main institutions within the European Union? How do these relate to each other and to the political institutions in The Hague?
How do we teach our students about the EU in a fun way? And…. what do our colleagues actually know about the EU?

With our new Jean Monnet-Erasmus+ project EU4ALL, our colleagues and students learn about the EU and see that citizens can influence the European Union through the European Parliament and the national parliament.

For the next three years we will offer 3 interesting activities every year:

  • A training for (citizenship) teachers to promote their own knowledge (autumn)
  • An EU & ME project week for students with interesting workshops and guest speakers (May)
  • A study trip to Brussels for students (May/June)

Like to know more?

Please contact Ms Sabine Schroten (coordinator international affairs, or Ms Melanie de Best (