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Craft your future

1 September 2018 - August 2021

Craft and craftsmanship as a source for innovation and sustainability
Friesland College (D’Drive, school voor Creative arts and pedagogic work) is lead partner in this project. D’Drive, together with its regional partners Learning Hub Friesland and House of Design, the University of Valencia, Fab Lab Valencia, the crafts school of Tryavna (Bulgaria) and the Bulgarian foundation for craftmanship and crafts, will combine old crafts with new techniques and the circular economy. Students will figure out what we can learn from old crafts while applying their gained knowledge to solve issues we face today.

The regions of Friesland, Central Bulgaria and Valencia have vast amounts of knowledge and skill when it comes to old crafts. However, this wisdom is nearly forgotten. Additionally, another thing that these regions have in common, is waste. In Craft your Future, students research whether traditional crafts can help current and future trends, as well as modern technologies, can help us transform our waste into a resource. Our hope for the future is that we create a fully circular economy, where the word ‘waste’ is not part of the dictionary.

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