Our international projects

Friesland College applies for Erasmus+ KA1 (mobility) funding every year. 

The European Erasmusplus (E+) subsidy programme funds activities that enable students to study and work abroad. Staff can make use of the subsidy to improve their professional skills through training and schooling programs at an EU college, company or institute.

ERASMUS+ VET accreditation 
In 2021 Friesland College was granted the Erasmus+ VET Accreditation, which is meant for organisations with a proven track record in organising VET mobility projects for learners and staff. The accreditation confirms that Friesland College has set up a plan to implement high quality mobility activities as part of a wider internationalisation strategy. Besides that, Friesland College was awarded the ‘Label of Excellence’ which is an official recognition of our past work and dedication to quality.

Besides various mobility activities, we are partner in several European strategic partnerships, most of them funded by the Erasmus+ programme. Our partners are schools, NGO’s and enterprises in many different European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria and Italy.

Our international projects

International Erasmus+